When do we use Receipt Dishonour?

User can use receipt dishonor when a receipt, customer collection entry or a misc receipt is to be reversed. In case of cheque bounced, Reversing receipt of previous period and Reversing of advance which is already adjusted.

Finance -> Receivables -> Remittance -> Receipt Dishonour 

Receipt Dishonor can be done against Receipt number of receipt and misc receipt. Receipt mode gets populated from Receipt number.

Please refer the screenshot

receipt dishonour page in vision erp application
receipt dishonour page in vision erp application

Vision has the provision of Process trail to check the confirmed receipt details and accounting effects. 

Please refer to the screenshot

Below Video is the combination of screens in Remittance, shows the Receipt dishonor using an existing record, How user has to enter the receipt number and system automatically populates all the fields from Bank receipt record. Shows how the accounting effect works bank account is credited and customer account is debited. This Video also show misc receipt- Any entry if the receipt is other then bank receipt. It may be cash/ bank/ payable recovery.   

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